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How true especially when I go thru those blogs that are clutter with all the ads and basically they are writing what has already been said to the point of just copying and paste and have no original contents or thoughts of their own whatsoever. Perhaps ads provider like google should also consider this before allowing their ads on such blogs. They are nothing but just to fill up their blogs to get more hits and possibly making money out of people's idea.

@Barb - given that sometimes links take time to load, it is doubly annoying to land on a link of a link. "a good RT is a form of curation" if you're around tomorrow, you will also see what a good tweet can be in my upcoming post ;)

@faryl - "many blogs (e.g., hobby, personal, industry blogs) exist chiefly for the purpose of helping to aggregate & share the most pertinent/interesting links with their readers" why? I challenge that. Add something from you that has value or not do it every day, all the time. I like, for example, how Tim O'Reilly does a post a week of interesting links with a bit of a write up of why. They balance out longer and meatier posts and are curated extremely well to match the direction of the blog. Which is by the way part of my Twitter strategy for content sharing. Highly curated, they follow a logic. If I tweet a post agreeing with a thesis, I also tweet one that disagrees with it (if it exists). In the O'Reilly collection case what I do is tweet the direct link to the story with hat tip to the person who found it and aggregated it. We have proper attribution in off line research and publishing, why is it such an issue online. Entitlement? As for Posterous, they should not have an automatic way for people to lift the whole post. It encourages scraping, even not intentional. Although when people take the copyright info I have in the post (at the bottom) off, I know they have edited the content, so...

@Raj - it concerns me that we are seeing less decency and civility/respect. Good luck with your blog!

@BLOGBloke - when I tweet or RT a link, I've checked it out and read the post. Sorry, but I don't agree on passing on potential crap because there might not be time to verify. Thank you for the link to your post.

I've discussed the issue of plagiarism in depth on my blog if you are interested.

Just to add, I agree about the RT issue. But at first blush it's not always apparent which is the original and which isn't. I'm not sure if folks are going to make that kind of effort to differentiate for short tweets.

But as for blog posts .. that is a completely different matter ;-).




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