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Valeria, this is a great call-out.

I obviously work for a marketing automation vendor, but as one of our evangelists, I spend an increasing amount of time talking about content marketing.

Why is that? Because the marketers I speak to say that the key to their success -- once they have the right tools -- is actually what they do with the tools. At an operational level, that means tuning your lead management strategy, but at a buyer-engagement level, that means leveraging buyer-centric content marketing.

So great call-out on your part -- both on the tools and on the importance of having a conversation strategy.

@Jeff - that's where the next posts will come in ;) Thank you for the kind words.

@Warren - in principle, I agree. However,I've learned that in organizations, people need to have more direction as to how they can do those two things in their function. Which is interesting because we come equipped with them as humans.

I agree with what you say.. but find it easier to sum up conversation strategy with 2 words:

1) Listen

2) Love

Like we learned as kids. Listen more than you talk.. then make sure people know you care by acknowledging them, thanking them and doing what you can to help.

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