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@Peter - interesting turn in the conversation. Could it be that until now, we have not had the tools to become organized to seek alternative forms of work? We still need to think about infrastructure and services, which would come online faster with more collaboration. In other words, we've come to believe the story and continue building it up. Thinking out loud here.

@Jon - humbling, isn't it? Given that many of us are barely scratching the surface. Good reminder.

@Steven - the membrane and relationship s being negotiated as we speak. I've been thinking about what you said here on sellers being more sophisticated than buyers in terms of the solution or product, what it helps do, what it compares to, etc. Subject matter experts do need to be more involved,that's why we eat up blogs and content that shares that kind of information. As Doc says, early days.

Great post and interview - it's hard to envision where this transition ends up. The marketing evolution towards understanding buyer intentions (within the spaces where this can be understood), and then responding to them is definitely under way. However, it's not just tools, but depth of perspective that needs to be thought about in the buyer/seller dynamic; sellers usually have a much deeper sense of what it will take to succeed with the solution they are selling.

However, both bias (they need to sell) and skills (subject matter experts are less involved in the conversation than sales people or marketers) will have to be dealt with before we have a profound change in the model.
Thanks for posting,

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Chasing interviews down always takes time. I've been a fan of Doc for a long time and appreciated reading this.

I like the fact he stresses how new this all is. A lot of people involved in the marketing space are talking about best practice and established methods that work. It's useful to remember that this is still new territory with emerging technologies, uses and strategies.

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