Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How One Mid-Sized Business is Using Social Media to Build Awareness and Increase Sales


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Any way that you can interact with the public; get feedback with the public (potential customers!) is a winning scenario in any book. Let other companies stay with “focus groups,” “surveys,” and handling customer service fires – but real time interaction with real people (and not all business focused) brings back that old small, hometown business feel to a world. If Facebook (or any other social network that is the hot “fad de jure”) can do that then why not hop on board with it. If the ROI (or even the ROTI) is measurable, then go for it!

This is a living evidence that small things can also do great things. It's the small acts of humanity that actually matters. These are the results when you really put your customers first.

Interesting case. 11% increase in sales sounds great. In which way did they separate social media output from traditional sales efforts? Or is the "loyalty factor" the only ROI measurement criteria? The more arguments we have to explain the potential value social media offers the better for all of our clients the success will be. Otherwise the result could end up in a scenario like this: Is social media headed for a crash?


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