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My experience has always been: "why don't we start a blog, and why don't you contribute", and I don't think that's a viable strategy since for the contributors it boils down to doing something extra that they have no incentive to do. Once it starts it's also very difficult to keep it going, since the level of motivation varies greatly in the organization, and it's hard to do a recurring task that requires creativity.

Forums are great too, and they can be an avenue for rallying your customers to be your spokespeople. It doesn't work for all products, and it's difficult to manage, but if your product is at the right maturity level, it can be very effective for building the right image in collaboration with your customer base.


Make them do it :) The world is filled with people who fly in, poo-poo all over everything, and fly out. The more grandiose the idea, the less of a chance they lifted a finger to do it themselves. No hustle, no gain.

I think you're spot on when it comes to static business sites not cutting it and blog-drive sites being able to put the customer in focus.

As you rightly note, the big problem here is resources. It's all very well identifying that "daily updates" are the right strategy to take but then you have to have the resources and writers to produce that. Quality blog content is not something bashed out over the morning coffee.

How do we get this message out to businesses? Those of us working in this kind of space get it, but how do we put our message across to those who haven't been able to figure it out yet?

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