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@Websicom - I left that comment there as a lesson for us all.

@Financial Samurai - that must have been written in code.

@Michael - proof/action work.

@Daniele - at it's properly attributed, I hope. I just loved how she looked like Amelie. Having met Tamsen at the Inbound Marketing Summit and then Web 2.0 Expo, it felt like a genuine shot of her. Thank you for doing such a good job with it!

That's my photo! I mean, I took that photo ;) And very fitting - that was taken during PodCamp Montréal last year.

You mentioned it in your comment responses, but I think that importance of credibility can't be underestimated.

Organizations really need to understand that they can't make lavish claims that aren't supported by proof/action. It's too easy to get 'called out' and nothing starts a twitterstorm like a BS claim.

You have to walk-the-walk before you can talk-the-talk so to speak.

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