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Good points, and I believe they can be applied to visual content as well. Most companies, especially small businesses, should look for a professional director/producer that will work within their budget and with a long term strategy for producing content that will help develop and increase their brand awareness.

@Ari - that distinction deserves its own post. Thank you for pointing out that the differences may be subtle to assume they'd be known. An idea for a post!

@Steven - some days I love measurement. Other days I loathe it. Why? Because we've become measurement junkies at the detriment of critical thinking, belief in something enough to let it influence over time (esp. when new, you need to do that), and worship the Holy Grail of best practices. We forget that someone stuck his neck out to create from nothing before it became what everyone else copied. Another idea for a post. Lucky me today. Thank you.

@Jon - there's a saying "your lack of preparation does not constitute an emergency on my part". Planning tends to not take into consideration the needs of others too often.

You're very right here. It amazes me how many major organizations approach me and ask me to turn out copy with less than a day's notice. Just yesterday I was asked to translate a very important text for one of the biggest tourist attractions in Stockholm. I turned it down because they wanted me to do the work in less than a day after spending weeks passing the copy between different project managers. Bashing out quality work isn't something you just do on the fly. It takes time to understand and nail the brief, no matter how experienced you are.

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