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Thank you, Scott! And you are right, EVERYONE has angst about how their business is changing.

Kyle, SHIFT works with companies ranging from "two guys in a garage, with a dog & a dream" to Fortune 500 companies. Most are either engaged or "thinking about" Social Media, but a fair number still refuse to join the party and have us focus exclusively on tech and/or business media relations.

P.S. Many thanks to Valeria for the opportunity to be profiled here!

What is the typical size company of clients that your firm works with? Are your clients typically already enganged with social media?

Thanks for this interview, Valeria. I'm a Todd Defren groupie, too, but heck...who isn't?

Todd: I appreciate the way you've been thinking about the changing look of the PR agency (and ad agency and...). On those days I fret about not fitting the mold of traditional agencies, it's nice to remember they're probably fretting about the new business models.

If we're smart, we'll continue to strike up cross-discipline conversations to look for creative approaches to meeting evolving client needs.

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