Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - What Really Affects Behavior?


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@Andrew - as people we can all be wrong. However, it is upon the service provider to become skilled at translating what it's hearing to helpful action.

@Brett - quite fun. And you can create your own captions.

@Rich - we see the world as we are. It's one of the principles I am reminded of often. Another thought I'd add to your list is that contracts, service agreements, checklists, all of the documents a customer is handed over the course of your relationship is also providing an experience. Often not a good one, which no amount of polished packaging will overcome.

@Michael - you're right! Thank you for spotting that, I corrected it. It was like a tongue twist visually when I wrote it, wasn't it?

Thanks for the great notes! In the decoy example you gave, should the statement of the second test parameters included the choices in the result you give of the second test (instead of including "print," include "online" in the description of choices)? Or, is my eye missing something? Great read!

I really love this post as it intersects with my passion over perception and whether or not it is reality. It is, and it isn't.

Perception creates expectation — packaging, presentation, product/service experience, etc. — but when that expectation is unmet (the jeans rip or shrink or whatever), the sensation transference reverses course (even if we are the cause through personal selection), creating a much more negative brand impression. It seems unmet expectation, especially those expectations created by inflated marketing, is the real bane of marketing.

It makes an excellent conversation to carry forward next Friday. Thank you for helping it take shape.

All my best,

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