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@Mike - Jobs ships his product out, no question. The company is not perfect, yet its priorities seem to be in the right order, indeed.

@Akash - it's easy to envision how you'd use the iPad, that's what's uncanny about the roll out and the demo.

@Carolyn Ann - hmmm, it's the one Jobs used in his presentation.

@Eric - yes.

@Rich - and the iPhone still flies off the shelves despite the reluctance of many to sign with AT&T. I was a happy Cingular customer, for the record. Innovation is also about putting a stake in the ground.


While I've been enjoying some of the jokes too, I have to admit that I see Apple has developed what might be a better personal presentation and media consumption tool.

While I might be in the minority, I cannot see the need for a camera when my phone already has one; and I often carry one too. As for the lack of USB, I think Apple is merely thinking that the future is WiFi, not cords. Based on uptick in WiFi at home, I suspect they are right. In the meantime, it seems they still connect and sync like the phone.

You're post is right on. While it is anyone's guess whether the iPad will become another hit (or miss), I suspect we won't really know until the launch. Not many people had faith in the iPhone either.

And, even if it doesn't win, there is no denying that Apple is helping set a better future in motion. Other companies certainly seem to follow them.

All my best,

Great post. This really hits home for me because I think a lot of businesses view customer evangelism as an external strategy instead of an internal strategy. You don't recruit customer evangelists, you make a product or brand that creates them.

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