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They are a good group and I will be delighted to bring them here for a conversation.

All I can say is GRACO/Newell Rubbermaid! :) I have always loved their products but what I am most impressed with is their transparency. They really showed me that I could trust them when they had a recall on a stroller and THEY took the initiative to let their customers know immediately through Twitter. Not to mention they answered questions instead of hiding. Not many companies would do that. They know how to relate to their customers and have earned a loyal following because of it.

@Dan - glad to be helpful. I know the folks at Home Depot pretty well and will gladly bring them to the conversation here. Thank you for the suggestion.

@Brian - looks like you got the Mitsubishi story covered. As for T-mobile and Netflix, I might just be able to get there for readers here. Good tips and good stories!

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