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@Ricardo - I like how you think in terms of context and situation. That's key and what keeps us in balance with ourselves, while we put who we are out there.

@Jon - we all inspire each other and when we're present in conversation, there is a lot we can learn. Feel free to steal the idea. That's why I put them out here. They need to get done ;)

I think this is very useful, Valeria. It's a good way of setting a clear (ish) boundary.

Being online and participating invites certain assumptions and without all the paralinguistic stuff things are often misunderstood.

I like this idea and will probably try and formulate something that sets my own position.

Your blog consistantly raises the bar. Thank you.

Re: "we also tend to gravitate towards certain networks at certain times, don't you find that to be the case? It depends on the phases of our professional path and what we seek and find."

Yes, I absolutely think that's the case (at least for me anyway). Ultimately, I connect with people in different ways and on different networks. I know where my community resides and I share with them there.

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