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Valeria, I think the biggest challenge some people have (including myself) is to integrate or streamline the 3 lives that we all manage: public life, private life and secret life. Especially when making a transition from one to another. That's what people and companies fear, what's behind the curtains and the idea of failure. Overcoming

Thanks for the reminder.

Great article Valeria, every point makes sense for so many circumstances. I had a thought while I was between point 6 and 7.
Sometimes the right route might appear in front of you, and all the miles that you've been
driving without allowing yourself a break, with a vague sense of getting lost, will start to make more sense.

@Ivan - indeed, we have power over what we choose to do.

@Dave - I like to spend time with people who are positive, creative, leaning forward, and open to the ideas of others. If that means I'm that way, too... that's great!

@John - in context, of course. Sometime we take ourselves too lightly and give in to what others think instead of following our own advice and gut.

@Nikki - what you suggest also helps shift the focus from being too self-centered to be other-centered. Good observation.

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