Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Trust in Media Down, Good News for Experts


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Trust in business and government has gone UP in the last year?! Really? Which business and which government?

Over here in the UK, with the banking crisis, ongoing recession and MP's expenses scandal...I would put trust in business and government right up there with trust in Tiger Woods and John Terry's fidelity.

I'm sitting here wondering, OK, if I can't trust my peers then, who am I supposed to trust then if I supposedly don't trust the media? Edelman?


This could be a very telling analysis of why objectivism needs to return to the media room.

It's also perfect for an upcoming class discussion when I get my students beyond the nuts and bolts of writing. Public relations has been reliant on media relations for far too long.

Beyond this analysis, I think the next question to ask is whether or not the trust is well placed or misplaced. How we shape our world view is so very critical in our analysis of what the truth might be. Thank you for sparking a new line of thinking in an area so very important.

All my best,

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