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You are a forward thinker, and I know that will pay dividends. Video technology will be one of the keys to the future of viral marketing, branding, and the human experience. God bless & best wishes.

Hi Valeria,

Good post! I think the future of video is going to become more ubiquitous with the power to shoot video anytime anywhere by just the use of mobile phones. I used to intern for Qik, which is a mobile phone application that allows you to do real-time Live video streaming straight from the handheld device.

While it's still an understated service as compared to the more powerful tools of camcorders and digital cameras, I believe that the potential for that will grow as it simply combines the 4 aspects in the video map into a single seamless process.


@Danny - is the environment going to get saturated like everything else? It will be interesting to watch (pun intended:)

@Michelle - you have spontaneity and presence, two very important parts of appearing on video. Good to have you on the chat and welcome back any time.

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