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Seems to me you're losing that battle. This is the second comment you make with the same promo.

Should charge for advertising in comments ;)

What I am wrestling with is the difference between a good narrative in a message versus just naming the brand - a lot. Any ideas from such a smart lady.

As far as my political activities, John For Governor is doing great!

God bless & best wishes.

@Dan - that is an excellent question on the successful customer reference program. Thank you also for the time management topic. We do tend to put out fires at the expense of what would be more valuable. Taking notes for future posts.

@Melody - I will provide references and commentary on how some folks do it. My comment count usually doesn't even reach 20. That's because people usually use my stuff and share it right away :)

@Anol - lead generation and nurturing to qualify leads is something many marketers are focusing on right now. Well broken down in stages or pieces of the puzzle. And well said on the crowding issue. Thank you. Great topic for a follow up post.

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