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@Jacob - I'm not sure of what to do with your observation vis-a-vis the topic we discussed in the post.

@Aleksandra - a fun take for sure. There are many PR professionals who are leading the way in the social media space. Good time to be in the profession, as it evolves to what's next.

@Jon - great observation, putting focus on people and their ability to making connections is what community managers can borrow from the dating sites example.

@Seth - thank you for stopping by.

This helps me to take time to get to know people. I am just started PR work and I want to get all the numbers I can. I will just take one step at a time and do the best for my current client. John Lim For Governor (Oregon)

Funny, I've just done the copy for a Swedish dating site called Singalo. It was a learning experience writing for an audience like that because you have to put the absolute focus on people and connections.

What's more, it has to be meaningful and not cheesy or people won't stick around.

As communicators we have to put people first.

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