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this is a sensible and nice post! Also liked reading.

I tweeted my admiration of this post (which I don't do that often because I do tire of heavy RT'ers and Twitterfeed'ers) but now am feeling guilty for not leaving my two cents here as well.

I am certainly not a social media thought leader, just a practitioner. But I do tire of other social media types I know locally who recommend the same tools (or "hammers") to businesses, then regurgitate someone's lecture about authenticity and "being real" and then implement or allow the client to implement the tools without any thought as to an actual strategy.

Because they never looked for the needs or the holes. No innovation. No creativity. Just "you need a Facebook page" or "I think every business should be on Twitter."

Do I recommend Facebook for the majority of my clients? Sure. But none of them should use it in the same way because none of them have the same needs and, therefore, the same strategy. It's the tool, not the plan.

All of that said, it's easy to not look beyond the standard hammers. Thanks for reminding us to serve our clients' needs, to think and to innovate instead of constantly falling back into the use of well-worn and familiar tools.

Hi Valeria,

I love holes too. To the naked eye the sky is full of them ( unless of course, you have a telescope in which case the hole becomes a galaxy).

So too with business. The naked mind needs conceptual instruments to see what is in plain view. Theories, taxonomies, frameworks and models are vital to not only innovation but all the constellations that surround a business.

Strange though that in science we invest time energy and billions into the development of instruments to see what can't be seen with the naked eye but find the same notion largely dismissed in business circles as esoteric -( unless of course it can be grasped in a minute and understood in an hour ).

Always a pleasure.


Bu the way, you ( or someone else) will need to explain the concept of more real at some point.

Oh, and don't forget to take the cap off. I've seen more than a few business people use there conceptual telescopes only to see what they intended and mistakes. I'm convinced that much of what we do that is valuable is unintended but because we never look we never know.

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