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The lack of coordination resonates with me big time. It is something I am recommending heavily. It's the cart before the horse syndrome. Many brands are on every single network they can find but there is absolutely no integration. Great read, again!

@Craig - maybe it's the enthusiasm of the new tools, wanting to try them out.

@Danny - the ideas and services. This is a totally new ballgame. Companies will need to move away from institutionalized thinking to networked, thus integrated, communications and work.

@Kim - it's hard work, let's face it. Thank you for stopping by.

@John - should I point out that the list comes from the Credit Suisse report and was not hand-picked by me? Indeed, it's a good idea to support local businesses. Growing up in Europe, I never moved away from thinking about the local store first. I'm not selling you anything. In fact, I'm giving out thousands of hours of free advice and ideas from my experience here.

From the list you gave, I do not, nor do I intend to buy from any of them. Many of the corporations listed are Chinese in origin.

One of the BIG problems with the American economy is a loss of jobs coupled with purchasing products from other countries and outsourcing work overseas.

Personally, I only buy from small American companies, or individuals, and especially those that make best use of raw materials and labor from the good ole USA.

Social media boom? Ha, sell that down the street; we ain't buying.

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