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Valeria, I do appreciate the community you build here and the welcoming you do of everyone who shows up. :) I like being introverted, but now reading your and Terri's replies, I'm thinking a big part of my issue is simply being out of practice. I work from home with all that implies... ;)

Terri, thanks so much for saying that. I geek out talking about it all -- again, guess I need more practice explaining what I do (and why) from a lay perspective! But at the same time, digital forensics isn't your typical B2B or B2C, and it does become hard for people to relate to.

In any case, you two might just get me to stretch. If I can find the right events to attend!

Wow, how neat to run into other introverts! Sometimes I feel that my "deep thinking" throws people off, which I always find entertaining! I've stopped caring what others think because they shouldn't care what I think (well, not that they ever did actually). It releases a tremendous burden in any relationship because no one takes it personally. It's great practice for any kind of connection, I think.

Christa, if I ran into you at a "gathering" and you mentioned PR and digital forensics, I'd be asking you all kinds of questions, sounds like CSI! I just looked it up in wikipedia and found it really interesting, and there's a bunch of groups in LinkedIn for it too. I just can't imagine someone telling me that and me not being intrigued. That's what makes me not want to go to these gatherings, cringe.... :)

Thanks Valeria, you are too cool. And being in the middle of the room after a speech, even cooler!! Caring what other people think makes you a prisoner of their worlds. Bad enough we imprison ourselves with our own insecurities. I find that facing our own stuff within helps us to be more brave in the outer world. Plus having that caring attitude is all you need to make everybody comfortable with it.

Personal is good! I think a significant number of speakers shun personal interactions to maintain that aura of exclusivity. And as you pointed out, I also do think there are quite a few speakers who are terribly insecure and don't ever want to be caught in a conversation where they can't dominate or have answers to all questions. Even in a few blogs, I've seen some of the most established bloggers reply to all the "happy comments and praises" but just don't respond to an objection or even a worthy doubt about the theory. But as it is said, to each their own. As for me, I'm on your side, the centre of the room is the best place to be!

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