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@Eric - giving people a reason to share and talk about you should be part experience, part content.

@Social Steve - and give people reason to talk to others about their experience. We are, after all, social.

@Whitney - when I was reviewing the materials people told me they kept, the Mini Cooper driver manuals and brochures were one of the highlights. If you followed that link there, you will see the fun permutations of little cars sent to customers.

I love this, Valeria. Mini Cooper extended the relationship with us by occasionally sending us surprise gifts in the mail months and probably for two or three years after the initial purchase- it was truly fun and remarkable, and helped make us feel even more warm and fuzzy about our fun little car. I had never had a brand treat us that well after the sale before.

Definitely a cool thing, and certainly made us fans willing to spread the word.

Excellent - this hits to the point that after purchase, you can build loyalty and advocates and isn't that what we ultimately want for every customer.

Social Steve

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