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As usual really insightful post @Valeria, I think this becomes difficult because people are not able to make the combination of all the points mentioned above.
All the old theories on consumer behavior really work well because they have been developed by experimental surveys.

This post is excellent. Clarity and brevity are key to communicating an idea in today's market. You have done well. God bless & best wishes.

Hi Valeria,

It's funny how you record my days.

I had a meeting with new client yesterday - a referral from someone thousands of miles away.

I left the meeting with two thought:

Don't give someone a reason not to trust you - this client wanted to know if I could solve his problem. I said no - I can't solve your problem. He had to solve the problem all I could do was promise to help him.

Some people have lost faith in people who wear suits. Fewer and fewer people believe that professionals still exist who are driven to help in their (the clients) best interest.

For me, we stand out most when we really want the sale but do not fear losing it.

As I left the meeting we agreed that we would continue to talk freely to each other ( and I would send a fee proposal).


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