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One of the things I love most about social media is exactly that — that it places an emphasis on public communication because, suddenly, all communication is public and most of it is semi-permanent.

There is no praise for transparency when runaway thoughts because the defining message. For all the benefits, we caution our clients that social media only looks like idle conversation.


@Steven - what can I add here? That was a really good thought!

@Judy - thank you for linking your post with a newer definition to the comment, and for the lovely email exchange. I thought of PRSA because I've been a long time member. At some point, I contributed to the local newsletter, etc. It makes sense that there would be something more from 1982 to 2010!

@Nick - social media goes hand in hand with HR, with R&D, business development... you get the point. Trust me on this one, professionals may know PR is more than press releases, business owners are still catching up, companies every size, too.

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