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Disclosure: I am the SEM & Social Media @Marketwire (newswire service)

A good, thought provoking post. I'm glad you introduced the readers to examples that not many people know about.

With the advent of social media, I think many people understand that PR and social media now go hand in hand. Whether it is "still prevalent thinking that PR = press releases and media relations" is up for debate. PR professionals and non-PR professionals understand the importance of building relationships. Social media has allowed this growth to happen within the industry.

Nick @shinng

That PRSA definition was adopted on November 6, 1982, by the PRSA National Assembly. It's not new. I would also say that it's not the most cited.

Outstanding points. This should be the future of every part of business, sales, PR, marketing or even finance. So my crazy thought is that if someone can integrate this social thing from the very beginning, he/she will be the next Google or Zappos.


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