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@Vinod - I was watching the movie :) The Hero is one of the oldest archetypes and for very valid reasons.

@Peter - it is quite the large gathering. It's easy to get distracted, especially if you're curious. By now you may all have figured it out. I put my attention on participating in the event, and tweet very little live. Although, I'm taking good notes for posts.

@Diego - Fellini is an idea... not my cup of tea as a director, so don't know him that well.

Very nice post Valeria, I love the way you connect everything.
I was wondering, is there something to distill out also from Fellini's themes? : )

Valeria, loved this. Assumptions and preconceptions can limit opportunities. Nice tips about being alert to both the hidden jewels and the potential distractions that might take time away from, or even make you miss an experience that is more important. Here are a couple of my ways to stay

Yin... one thing I've found to be critical at gatherings like this, is to listen attentively and openly when engaged in conversations. It sounds simple, and is inferred in your insights (especially 11), yet I'm always surprised how few people do it.

Yang... watch for the signs when someone is starting to dominate and "push" their product or point of view without regard for others (your tip 3 is now in play).

Wish I could be at this event. Will look forward to experiencing it through your vision and other communication leaders I admire who are participating.


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