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Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, Lisa. I tend to do that, connect information and look for trends -- my readers are brilliant and add more insight all the time, too.

Hi Valeria,

I wanted to thank you for taking such an in-depth look at the MENG Top Marketing Trends Study and to say that I just love the meaty insights you garnered from it! I especially love how you tied together the top 5 trends as "hold on to your base and stand out."

The movement of "Marketing ROI" from 6th place to first place in a two year span certainly shows that our CMOs are focusing on demonstrating results to their CEOs as they try to balance the need to strengthen brand loyalty to drive retention and to find new ways to disrupt their markets and stand out.

I think the tie between what our execs must do and your advice to social media consultants, "you better have results under your belt," is a nice parallel.

Thank you again,
MENG Program Director

@Connie - good hearing from you after such a long time... with a link.

@CrisisMaven - must be a link wholesale today :) It almost feels like trying to have a conversation with someone who's constantly pointing at something elsewhere. Thank you for stopping by.

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