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"Ripping the competitor's kidneys out" Oh, thanks for this laugh. I needed it today. We don't need to lose our humanity when we go to work. Work would really seem more like play if we all learned to lighten up.


Valeria, this is so inspirational! Thank you for being a positive emotions lighthouse :)

@Martin - there is something else at play as well. Insecure people think that the can have more power when they stab others in the back. No room for empathy there and nothing you can do to help them see that they, in effect, shoot themselves in the foot. As humans we're all connected. It all comes back.

@Kharif - if that's what you believe, that's your reality.

@Peter - the challenge is indeed to explain what I see to people hardened on positions. I've observed before how the lie is in the question. I'll be thinking about believable as many a manipulator uses it.

@Bruce - great to hear from you! Hope all is well with your business and family.

@Marcia - thank you for stopping by and glad the post was helpful.

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