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Thank you! Thank you! This have given me great ideas to leverage my feeds and follow trends better. Not to mention be more organized ;)

I am very close to just blowing out most of my Reader, and re-shuffling. A lot of my priorities have changed.

Like food -- there's only so much rich input one can consume without proper digestion.

@Mike - I was talking with someone else the other day and realized how much of what I do has become second nature and I take for granted. This post is an example. It seemed simple stuff to me, yet I know from the feedback that it was very helpful.

@Mathieu - I'm less enamored with the technology than I am with the utility. And I tend to want to give credit, links, and comments to the people who do the hard work of coming up with great content. So much of my use is driven by that. To me, good content is a gift, not a commodity. The further away from those people, the less inclined I am to use it. If that makes sense.

@Natasha - thank you, yes. My question at the end of the post was meant to draw some of that information out. Although I do know how many use email and other readers to syndicate this blog from Feedburner. In the case of Google Reader, it's roughly 50%+

@Joellyn - glad you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by.

@Danny - glad to be of service. I like to keep my promises :) I'm still playing with a few things I didn't mention in the post. The idea is to gain maximum utility from the tools and technologies I spend time using. That's also why I don't sign up with to many services. Thank you for the inspiration for this post.

@Rob - interestingly, I went back to find Louis and could not. I do follow Mike. These days you're my top source of tech news in the share mode on Google Reader. Thank you for listing other candidates who people might find helpful.

@Rebekah - efficiency, I like that! You must syndicate interesting blogs to never feel bored. Mobile is still such an untapped opportunity.

@Christopher - one day I'll even try Evernote. When it comes to annotating stuff, I'm still so 1.0 with pen and paper.

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