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@Brett - I'm very familiar with the insurance world. At some point I was a licensed P&C agent, just so that I could understand what the business I was marketing did and how it articulated what it did. Very familiar with the "necessary evil" nature of insurance. When in doubt, out-teach -- it works. I'm so glad you were inspired to think about your business opportunity.

@Adrienne - it's a time of convergence. Digital body language at the service of customers and not just merely to find out what they click on to mine their data and sell to them. You make a very astute observation, thank you.

@Peter - LOVE this clause. And so exciting to learn that you've been confirmed to speak at Wharton. There are such opportunities for the kind of thinking you bring to the table. I must get the details and spread the word. When you see tomorrow's post, you will get a good chuckle... we've been surfing on the same thought wave.

This post struck a chord with a contractor contract I'm currently drafting.

Thought I'd put the following clause forward as part of the discussion on terms and conditions as an opportunity:

3.2 Our Shared Promise

We promise to each other to be:

(a) enthusiastic, inspirational and curious about the nature of work and business;

(b) flexible and adapt to the needs of the Client and each other;

(c) aware of how the Client and each other are feeling and act with care;

(d) committed to helping Client’s and each other to learn and develop;

(e) open to learning and developing as a professional including acquiring new tools; and

(f) frank with each other and to talk openly if a promise between US is breaking, the wrong promises have been made or circumstances mean new promises might be required.

So much more to discuss about the role of promises (contracts) in modern like but then when would I find time to write them.

Always a pleasure.


By the way I have been confirmed to speak at the Corporate Governance and GFC conference at Wharton in September ( most auspicious). It will be fun catching up.

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