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Valeria, thanks for your response. This post inspired me to write on twitter's ad platform. Just wanted to share that here and get your input on it as well.


@Rob - very good questions. From my experience, a tribe tends to self organize to a certain degree and sign up into an organized system to communicate, share, stay in contact with each other. If Apple wanted to build a tribe of iPhone users, they might look at segmenting the early adopters like Scoble and Gray and offer them a place to get exclusive information on what's coming and the ability to weigh in some decisions that company makes, for example. Or it could do releases to self-organized groups around uses or kinds of apps. Making it easy for customers to connect with a company and with each other can be the basis for a tribe to form. Seth's books are more about asking good questions than providing definite answers. I'll keep writing about this idea as I'm seeing it emerge stronger in marketing.

@Ujwal - they segmented the customer base "Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings." Culture is the trump card. I agree with you that organizations should be paying attention to it. Thank you for sharing the Red Bull example. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Palm.

@Simon - I'm wondering, too if tribes can be situational or context-based. For example, SxSW forms a tribe when people converge in Austin to participate in the event, then disperses when the event is over. iPhone is a tough one as I think tribes by nature tend to be niche and it has expanded beyond a core number of users. In fact, it may be the first Apple product that many who have never been customers, nor will be, own.


Thanks so much for the brain food. It's a tough one but I don't think iPhone users are a tribe. The tool itself is not what unites people, but rather the issues and values they care about. Obviously that is seen through the lens of the iPhone but with so many tools available, these same tribes collect in many different ways.

Thanks for the great post,


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