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Hi, Valeria

Couldn't agree more with your post. Whether one writes her own content or engages a firm or freelancer to write it for her, the components mentioned in your post are required, not optional, for success.

As companies seek to outsource content creation, they have to be uncompromising in this regard. Unfortunately, it's getting all too common to see blogger-wanted postings on the web, like this one on "“…law firm with 4 blogs and 6 sites is looking for a blogger to write and self edit 30-40 entries per month…would like to pay per article $20 or less.” Clearly the emphasis is on fast and cheap, with little if any regard for the points you mention.

The lure of corporate blogging benefits is strong, but unless companies set proper standards and invest the time and money, those desired benefits will never materialize.

Finding subject matter experts who have the time and the inclination to blog is already difficult enough, but when you add in language skills to the equation, it gets even more complicated. Experts are located all over the world, and most have worldwide responsibilities. Not all master English well enough to sustain a long-term commitment to a blog (I am making the assumption that if it were a company blog, destined to a global community of interest, it would likely be in English). It's one thing to write one piece; you then have to commit to engaging in conversation. That's the harder part.

@Carolyn Ann - I talk to companies all the time and this article summarizes some of the critical questions the teams need to be able to answer to be successful. Launching a blog is hard work and takes a lot of time and energy. That's why it works when it comes out well.

@Jennifer - I'm all for repurposing content ideas where it makes sense. I've written extensively about it in many posts. With a big caveat -- get rid of the fluff and be genuine.

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