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I think it helps to understand how and why your customers recommend you to prospective customers. Many companies don't measure their number of customer champions and don't understand what makes those champions endorse them. What's needed is better tools to track and measure customer championship.



I think you are headed in the right direction here - but I think it is a mistake to think that the "corporation/brand owner" is the tribe and their people (consumers if you will) are just fans.

With Ducati, the tribe is owners. The role of the brand in the Ducati tribe is to serve the mission of the tribe. The brand is not the tribe.

We have done lots of (research) work on this theme in automotive, cellular, food, etc. What we try to do is figure out the issues, motivations and drivers of the tribal passion - and then help the brand to FEED that.

Tom O'Brien
MotiveQuest LLC

GREAT post Valeria -- to me this all comes down to authenticity. The willingness to put your real personality out there on the line. Sure, it will turn some people off, which is OK because they were not a good target customer anyway. But others who feel a connection with your real brand, your real values… will become real fans. I think too many companies try to be all things to all people – to not offend or turn off ANY potential customers – but that means they end up as a bland brand with no heart and soul. The killer brands that build tribes and create wildly loyal fans are honest. They tell the truth and show their real colors and let the people that resonate with that carry them to success. To me, tribes and fans come from trust and real connection.

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