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If we really want to bring some positive and lasting impacts and influence on others, than your factors are important but many more effect as well.

Hi Valeria

"It's not enough to be specific. Especially if you're being specifically rigid about the way to look at things. Did you think your way or ideas was the only way?"

How do we separate the things we need to believe to be motivated and get out of bed (the rigid) with what else might be going on (the ability to change your thinking to reflect what you are becoming).

I see this in strategy meetings all the time. Yes- we all need to know where we are going ( to be unified and build momentum) but the reality based on everyone experience is that if we end up there is more co-incidence than design. I guess what I'm saying is that rigid thinking has its place but you need flexibility to understand and influence the direction of all that momentum and energy.

"If you want people to care, you need to be the first one to do so - and meaningfully."

An interesting thought - Do you think Valeria 5.0 ( five years from now) is a "customer" of Valeria now and does the same analysis apply?

Personally, I think building meaningful interactions with others to be more about caring for me in the future than the client in the present. Yes - its both but I'll try and explain.

I see behavior as one end to a thread sewn across the fabric of time. The other is held by the person I'm becoming. I imagine the people I meet ( and do work with) find me by following that thread (through coincidence, synchronicity, referrals etc) back to the future.

Maybe not - but in the scheme of practical misunderstandings I don't see a downside.

Nice to chat.


By the way, wondering around a second hand book shop yesterday and noticed that my mood changed as I wondered from section to section. When I came to the management section I was overcome by a sense of sadness. Thankfully, I was able to quickly move on to joy and poetry.


Did not wish to throw too much at people in one post. Observing how things spread and choreographing accelerators is the Holy Grail of new marketing. However, I still see too much concentration on the promotional side and not enough on the product and company culture side. Times have changed. Want to be faster in the marketplace? Make stuff people want and need, create a process to fix issues quickly, or get the word about what you're doing to fix them (e.g., Ning). Time line is one metric that can be affected by how your approach the rest. We can tackle Social Broadcasters in another post. Thank you for the comment.

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