Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 21 Things you Can do at a Conference


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Also... take pictures of the event, and the people, for your blog. Great way to meet folks because you probably want to ask if it's OK to use their picture.

@Patricia - very good. We tend to gravitate towards our comfort zone. Meeting new people should be a conscious decision.

@Skip - interesting. Over the years, I learned to dislike PowerPoint because of the way it's been used in corp. America. Good thought on using the breaks as idea testing.

@Drew - if you speak, watch whether people lean forward or not, a good indication of your performance so far. In the hallways, watch when people are visibly glad to meet you, they stand straight and still, or if they look like they're about to sprint for the door. That's what I mean for non verbals.

What do you mean about paying attention to non-verbals? I think this was an interesting point.

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