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@Tom - then I guess we should have iPampers instead of iPads :) All Kidding aside, I agree on providing food for thought. However, what many end up doing is creating controversy for controversy-sake. Being contrary with a really well formed argument is hard work.

@Elaine - glad to be helpful. Thank you for stopping by.

@Brian - sense of belonging appeals to the emotional core. There's a reason why going "where everyone knows your name" is such an attractive proposition. Interesting transition from sense of urgency to ownership. Glad the post energized you. Your comment energized me.

@Ricardo - opening a conversation with a story can be the most connective thing you do. We're all students in life.

@Steve - you've been on a roll yourself lately. Thank you for your well written and thoughtful posts.

@Khush- thank you for stopping by.

Two points are very striking to me. One, involve your audience and people trust authority. Very thought provoking post.

Hi, Valeria,

This is a terrific synthesis of what really matters and has gotten my day off to a good start.

Doesn't get any better than that!

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