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One thing that I've been challenging myself to do better is tell stories (especially in my speaking). It's such an important element and it works so well at drawing people to make a connection. I feel that I'm getting better in this area, but as always, there's room for improvement.

This was another one of those posts where I'm reading along and every single point hits home. A thorough button-pushing today, Valeria. Awesome. Love feeling inspired. :)

Shared this with the team at Gearbox this morning even though I couldn't comment at the time. How are we keeping these simple concepts in mind with what we're doing every day? Powerful stuff in it's simplicity.

Particular favorites are:

5. Sense of belonging. Everyone wants to belong. I like to think they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. I like to show people how they ALREADY belong because this almost always leads to...

6. A sense of urgency. It's confirmation that you matter. You're important. Someone out there wanted to know what YOU think about something. Tell everyone you know about it. Welcome to OWNERSHIP.


Thank you!

Hi, Valeria. Sound advice. I'd like to link to this post in my June newsletter. Thanks.

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