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Valeria - Not sure if you saw Paul Dunay's post this week, also picking on the white paper. Lots of interesting discussion in the comments:

Here's an example of what could be considered an interactive paper (presented in a microsite dedicated to the topic):

As far as whether or not the landing page and reg form are the only way to go -- not by a long shot. But the problem is that so many companies/marketers are averse to "giving away" their content, and treat registration as the default option. Whether or not to require registration should be a strategic decision. First, what are your objectives? Are you trying to create a list of email addresses or spread your ideas far and wide? More importantly, where are your prospects in the buying cycle? If the paper is meant to engage someone early on in the cycle, don't ask for registration -- you'll just be shooting yourself in the foot. Who the heck wants to hand over their contact info when they're about to download the first bit of content from a company they've just stumbled upon? They're more likely to click away to find your competitors' free content, so where does that leave you?

Thanks (as always) for a thought-provoking post!


@John - interesting how online browsing does take us to diverse places. It's an ongoing battle, I can tell you that. Many marketers just don't think like content strategists. It's a professional thing, too many years working on the brochure and more recently direct marketing push approach. Good luck with your presentation.

@Allen - or spray it all over the place and hope it sticks, right? You've got to know more than just telling me what I wrote.

Writing compelling content is really a strategy to work out! I like this line the most "Use the same words people search for in your content. There is no amount of optimized buzzwords that will be more attractive than compelling content that describes what someone is looking for". In more simple terms I would say "Create content that will meet your visitor's exact search query and satisfy it!"

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