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Thanks for putting this together. You pose a collection of key questions regarding B2B social media best practices that every online marketer should be aware of.



Why start with the destination? Surely, if I want to go from A to B the first thing I need to know is A.

You hint at this when you talk about what is presupposed - knowing your customers.

From my perspective, (leaving aside that knowing where you want to go is far more motivational than literal), many organisations are caught in a B loop ( changing the destination every 12 months or so) because they have no way of seeing A.

Aristotle said soul never thinks without a picture. I wonder if the corporate soul needs a picture of A before it can begin to work out B.


By the way "people buy why you do it". But only the "good" things? What of drugs, arms, slavery etc.

Hi Valeria,

I so agree. Too many clients overlook the benefits to their employee community that social media can offer in terms of coalescence, core values and shared goals. Once you get that right what you broadcast to consumers is always more effective.

Thanks for the great breakdown,


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