Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Digital Interaction: Enough to Influence Runners to Switch?


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@Peter - I agree with you. it was one of the thoughts I had as I was talking with Doc Searls about his VRM system and as I was posting this analysis. It's more for marketers than consumers. Marketers have trained us to buy, we consume way too much and then need to store stuff we don't need. Where do I put my old sneakers? I end up giving them to charity as they are good enough to wear, not for running (for me).

@Rich - good thought. It was not mentioned, however I know many who read those magazines. Glad you enjoyed the post. It was fun to go through sites as a potential shopper.

Thanks for the post Valeria. Very interesting. Did anyone mention shoe buying guides in Runner's World or Running Times? Although I am very loyal to a shoe that 'works' for me - I still find their reviews helpful even if I'm not looking to switch. Mizuno is also interesting. As we discussed, getting fitted at a 'real' running store is always important and what Mizuno seems to be trying to do with their digital presence is to bring that running store experience to your laptop. Great post!

Hi Valeria,

What this makes me think about is the notion of the professional consumer - someone who applies a sophisticated mental model to the act of consumption.

I've found consumption has always been the poor cousin to selling when it comes to figuring out how to do it well. This is most obvious within companies and the different way in which management/board view what capability is needed to sell from procurement.

The question I'll ponder today is whether we need to train to buy ( as much as you train to finish).


By the way where did no. 1 on your list of 100 come from. In fact, where did they all come from ( rhetorically). Of course, no "forget lists".

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