Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Do Social Networks See Organizations as Customers?


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@Tom - FB as industry leader is kind of funny. Guess in a way they are by sheer numbers. Yet, I have a hard time thinking of how they behave as leadership.

@Jack - indeed, just because it's online, it doesn't mean it's true ;)

@Lateef - I do wonder, as everything continues to be driven by the individual identity and it forces businesses to shrink to that level vs. having teams. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

@Glenn - strategy should not be driven by tools ;) It should be driven by the business goals. Then we can figure out how to adapt the tools.

All social media marketing experts will advise companies to create a strategy for their social media plans. And that makes sense. The problem with the advice? The social media tools continue to evolve and that evolution may not be (is never?) in sync with that original business plan.

Of course, even traditional marketing plans need flexibility. Social media plans should be no different. In fact, as dynamic as this technology is, we should expect nothing less than the expectation of change.

You've hit on a theme here, which is that social networks were not originally designed for businesses or organizations. Fortunately, better tools are on the way.

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