Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Do Social Networks See Organizations as Customers?


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The concept behind social media, which you have suggested in your article, is the fact that individuals can inject their opinion or emotional feelings on a product or topic. While all of this is good, the underlying question that I see, including that of sites like Wikipedia is getting to the truth. In other words, how do we authenticate a persons response? Opinions are just that, facts uncover the truth.


Thanks for this thoughtful and thorough post.

I have one big issue with the FB "Community" pages. Community implies people coming together around a shared passion or interest (like Ducati) and what FB has put out there are nothing more them SPLOGS - bot created copying and aggregation of other people's content. There is no community there.

This goes directly against the interests of their members and their brand advertisers - and I think it is just wrong. There are enough black had marketing ninjas out there making money by content farming - I don't think it is something an industry leader (??) like Facebook should be doing.

My $0.02

Tom O'Brien

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