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From the position of new media providing an opportunity for equal footing for small and big business alike, this idea of building relationships with the media vs. pitching a press release seems to be a recurring theme on our ResultsRevTV episodes. We've had two episodes where owner/publishers of small, independent local news publications or blogs talked not only about marketing their own business but how other businesses related to them as media. They both encouraged this idea of building relationships, trust then influence with the media. They described weekly/monthly phone calls, e-mails with story ideas and just friendly relationships as keys to PR success. Basics, but yet most small businesses don't do this or realize they CAN do this.

Here are some links to those episodies:

I don't think this concept is "just" for PR pros, but also for all business owners, regardless of size.

Good stuff - thank you!

@Arik - what you're proposing sounds like a lot of work for potentially little yield, especially for firms used to having marketers put stuff out there that automatically generates leads. You will see in my posts this week (I do start setting the tone on Sunday), that there are two camps in this conversation, and there are some critical steps a company will need to take to align to this way of thinking... and doing.

@Talmadge - not based on any one medium, based on ease of access. It's easier to push out a thoughtless email pitch or a string of tweets for many companies, than it is to have a dialogue. My observation is that we're still at the push stage (there are exceptions), even when there are opportunities to learn about a company's customers. The reason most cite? All the time is still taken up by committees reviewing and approving messages, with none left to be thoughtful about fitting message to audience.

Hi Valeria,

I'm thinking about this line, "Do new media and technology encourage a less thoughtful approach than that of past influential PR professionals?"

Thoughtfulness isn't based on a medium; new media is an extension of the value you provide for your clients.

And, besides, the tools cut both ways. If you care enough to learn about the people within a niche, then the opportunities to do so have never been more legion.

Ubiquitous content doesn't alleviate you of the responsibility to be novel and useful.

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