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If another corp did this, they would have to change their name to apple

@Jon - the amazing thing is that people wanted to believe and they're left with just each other to hang onto. Granted, many have brought up that the network is free. That still doesn't justify lack of disclosure and transparency.

@Peter - virtual citizen with no rights. Spooky. At one point I wrote about social media being like sharecropping. In a business transaction, when you pay a fee in exchange for a service, you have "rules" attached to it. Not so without a fee...

@Marthat - that was really easy to do, I copied it from Scott's post. Thank you for the tip.

@Eric - very interesting, and silly for anyone to think that what they share online would not come out in the open. Even direct tweets you should expect to be made public. With that in mind, perhaps more civility, respect, and restraint will become fashionable again?

I'm not sure if you know this but now there is a website called OpenBook that exposes data from outside Facebook. I found out about this via Dan Sullivan

I think besides education, we need to involve regulators as well. Still absorbing what's happening now, feel free to checkout
and do a search for "cheat test" like what Dan said...Amazing...

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