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Too bad Comcast can't fit that group. They were one of the first to create a customer service account, but their service didn't change. They were just named the worst company in America:

@Meryl - I do wonder, as customers, are we ever satisfied? This is an ongoing dialogue I have with a dear friend. There will always be someone who has been frustrated by a business decision. I know I have been more than once. In a couple of cases, I admit I was not a good customer. From what I hear, Netflix does a lot of things right. There's always Blockbusters, paid cable TV, other options... just saying.

@Arik - is it the companies, the disconnect in executive row, the whack-a-mole games of corp downsizing? None of these are excuses, of course. Good addition. I've met the Mayo Clinic social media team, and given your ready testimonial as to the service experience, you're right, they belong on this list. Thank you for suggesting them.


Loved this line: "If your story doesn’t align with what you do, all of the clever tactics you can come up with to follow your lofty goal will not make the cut."

If more companies only followed that mantra...

As a Minnesota guy, I'd add Mayo Clinic to this list. They do a nice job from a health care perspective. OK, so they might not be at Zappos level, but their "Sharing Mayo Clinic" blog was groundbreaking in the health care field (as well as a number of other approaches they're trying). And, from all accounts, their online story definitely reflects the experience people have within the four walls of their facilities.


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