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@Louis - that's from Seth Godin's the Ideavirus. It means people who spread the word. And you do get the word out.

@Melody - he is a terrific presenter, isn't he? Very engaging. Deterioration comes from detachment from the accomplishment. The more you become a cog in the big wheel and are asked to do stuff yet are not brought in to understand why, the less you believe. There's no amount of internal programs that can give you what you could bring to the table.

@Diego - glad you enjoyed.

I liked this post Valeria, there are some very interesting observations that can applied to many situations. Thanks.

That was a great video. I was sold with his simple phrase, "Dr. King delivered the 'I have a dream speech', not the 'I have a plan speech'." It would be great to understand also, though, not just how companies are passionate and get their employees to pour their heart into their work, but also how that deteriorates with the size of the corporation.
It's like as if passion is best transferred and inspired at the small scale. Me talking to you. If you think about it, traditional advertising is the opposite: It's the corporation talking AT people. Nothing happens until people are talking WITH each other. I have no idea what I am rambling about and I seem to be randomly capitalizing prepositions, but just wanted to say I enjoyed this one.

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