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It is an urgent truth that Companies need to start thinking like a media company and out-teach their competitors.

This is a difficult concept for most businesses to grasp. It is hard for them to accept that they are publishers. They will only begin to accept this when they see real evidence that their bottom line will be affected if they don't change their thinking.

The Company that will drive this message home to businesses is likely to be Google. As the Big G's algorithm develops further and rewards web pages that engage and connect with users, changes in thinking will come within the business community. There will be an increased acceptance of the need to engage, connect and create quality content that reaches into the souls of users and prospective and existing customers.

In Google we Trust (just hurry up a little with algorithm improvements!).

Deep down I'm questioning whether customers have bad effects on corporations.

Customers make it hard for corporations to long for them and as a consequence the corporation is not designed consciously or unconsciously with the customer foremost in mind.

As a rule, customers are not desirable ( in a romantic sense). They can be needy, rude, disloyal, unappreciative etc. ( we've talked about this many times). It's a tough sell.

Can social media make customers more attractive and inspire the longing that will lead to better designed corporations?


@Peter - perhaps I'm lost in your comment. Corporations might want to do things their way, that's why customers prefer to deal with people, and the people inside corporations are definitely longing for connections.

@Megan - the whole #2 point is about listening and asking customers or observing their behavior. Yes, people often say one thing and do another. Right?

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