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Thank you for the compliment, Valeria. It's been a tough couple of weeks, let me tell you.

I like how you tie it in to the workplace too. Not only do the members of the orchestra need to see the conductor, but what happens if they don't hear the other players? Something very special is lost.

As for brands providing the platform, sometimes the passionate customers have to recognize that they are capable of changing direction must faster than the brand. Sometimes, we need to build that cathedral for them. If everyone would please bring a brick and put it here, we can begin. ;)

@Brian - I'm so glad you found the opportunity to comment. This site is poorer when we don't hear from you. Thank you. Provide the platform seems to be one of the better ways to engage with customers. And to follow up on your note about reaching out to customers who love you. What have you done for your employees lately? Things have been tight and super busy and people are run down. Give them some love, least you can do for their efforts. Don't you ever take your own community for granted.

@Wendy - being interested in what they have to say does go a long way. In fact, we miss having a physical community in many instances and when we're passionate about a brand, we may find reason to meet with each other face to face to rediscover that connection. Businesses are thinking leads right now, and this feels too long term, I think.

Good point Brian! To build on that, if people don't know what you've done for them lately, or for their community, today's social web is a great way to tell them a little bit about it.

Although it's a great start, simply joining the conversation isn't enough to effect change in people's behaviour IMO. But conversing with them and sharing in common interests, goals, causes, etc. goes a long way. If there's a company participating alongside the rest of us, well, they're no longer just a company I may or may not buy a product from. They're a part of the community. And I support my community.

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