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This may not totally apply but we recently had someone post some negative things on my college's Facebook page. People came to the college's defense and I let the dialogue take its course (no posting on the wall). I emailed the person directly (off the wall), said my college was always open to improvement and constructive criticism, and they responded with civility. I encouraged the person to stay engaged. They later removed their negative posts and have since stayed active on the page. Just a small example.

This NYT article falls in line with this topic, more online complainers getting sued.

Note on bottom of page one the group formed to protect MD providers against on line slander or "not constructive" feedback and offering up online behavior patient agreements.

It's not just in customer service that complaints and criticisms are ignored! The default setting for on-line "conversation" seems to be "If you're disagreeing with me, you must be a troll or a bigot".

(As an aside, I usually get really good service at hotels when I turn up on a motorcycle; especially if it's raining! If I turn up in a car, the service is usually more "automatic", less personal; as if I'm just one more in a crowd. And I've only ever had one bad campsite experience; I've stayed in a lot of campsites.)

Carolyn Ann

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