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The most interesting part of this comment, aside from the fact that social media can be measured, is the links you are trying to sneak into a self-revolving comment, which seems to have nothing to do with the post. Yet, there are perfectly good ways to connect with people who are interested in what you're selling... fascinating!

Great post. Social media is almost unmeasurable that why other companies are reluctant to try it. It's hard to predict the ROI but the good part is it's cheap, but very time consuming. And this is part of the business is important for any business and not just for social media related businesses. Just cause your business is doing great doesn't mean you stop guarding your expenses. Sharing tips on how to reduce costs on businesses.

One of the less popular posts of recent :) While this is not sexy stuff, it's so important to know! Interesting that you would not measure your own social media. I do like the experiments a lot, especially those of the behavioral kind, as you know.

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