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Valeria: Love this list!

One of my goals is to constantly increase/improve our customer service. And this means constantly striving to improve the way we communicate (within our own team and with our clients). This is at the forefront of our goals because it's a key differentiator (in my opinion).

@Tim - best resource is Bob McKee's book "Story" which I have read and re-read often. He also has a seminar, which those who have attended raved about Depending on storytelling for what, there are other excellent resources out there.

@Tahire (online mktg) - didn't get your comment within the context of the post. What am I missing?

@Scott - hang out of great editors for the word count. I do :)

Another great post! I agree with @Tim - I'd be curious about ways to improve my storytelling - especially when the word count is tight.

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